About us

Who We Are

Apex Convenience Foods Limited (ACFL) is a new venture which has been planned based on a detailed analysis of the existing local and international Food market. Initially, we plan to capture the local food and beverage market and expand to export-ready to eat food products to the USA, European countries, and the Middle East as the demand for ready food is high in the international market.

We believe, quality, taste, competitive price, and sustainable manufacturing are the essence of long term business success.


What We Do

Apex Convenience Foods will be providing high-quality food products in the existing local and international Food market. Our R&D product range includes fresh and non-perishable convenience products like:

  • Ready to eat products: We will be producing highly nutritional and hygienic fresh and retort packaged ready to eat products through our distribution channels.
  • Beverages: We will be manufacturing healthy beverages i.e. Soy Milk/Drink, Aloe Vera Juice and other healthy beverages.
  • Frozen Snacks: Frozen French fry and other fried products will be added in our product basket to enter the prospective consumer market.
  • Bakery Products: Consumers from all different social backgrounds, income, and status would be able to purchase and enjoy our bakery products on the go during their daily busy lives at a competitive price.